Ruby Rose
Modern Green
Preppy black ribbon(3월26일 이후 순차발송)
Lovely Ribbon Earrings
Kitsch Green&Pearl
Baby white & Green Earrings
Vintage Sakura
Angelic Moon
Gold&Pearl Nuggets
Antique White Ribbon
Violet Princess
Peacock Queen
Red Beet Earrings
Red Rose Garden
Cosmic Teardrops
City of Blinding Lights
Peach Champagne
Mother Earth
Deep Ocean Treasure
aimelbie Heart
The Wedding Day
The Modernity
Ruby Blossom
White Saturn
Antique Green Garden
Pink Ribbon & Heart
Aurora Queen
Aurora Princess
Vanilla Latte&Mink
Cozy Hearts
Merry Little Roses
Chic Rococo
White Christmas - Bold ver.
White Christmas - Longdrop ver.
Miracle teardrops
Holly Jolly
Ice Queen Coronation
Heart Ruby Queen
Velvet Rose
Minky Drop
Snow Angel
Diamond Petals
Winter Prism
Let It Snow
Matte Gold Hearts
몽환 달
Misty Garden
Crystal Clear
[New] Bubble Unicorn Wonderland - Violet
[New] Bubble Unicorn Wonderland - Pink
Starry River - Blue
Starry River - Pink
The Atlantis
XOXO Earrings
Teardrops of the Peach Planets
Cherrypink Love Potion
Selena Earrings
Plumpink Tulip
Evening Baywalk
Sunset Baywalk
Red Imperial
Moon-kissed Forest
Babypink Alice
Violet Unicorn
Vintage Mood Earrings
La Vie En Rose_ver.1
Cupid's Heart
Endless Love Silver Necklace
Gabriel Earrings
Sophia Earrings
Dew&Flower Earrings
Demeter Earrings
Dear My Pink Lady
Peach Meteorite Shower
별빛을 담은 호수
Crystal Berries
The Little Buckingham Princess
Lucida Earrings
The Ice Chandelier-Simple
The Ice Chandelier - Original
Angel Kiss
Blooming Moon-Silver
Blooming Moon-Pink Gold
Summer Rose
Luna Lullaby - Silver
Charlotte Choker
Grapefruit Dreamcatcher
Luna Lullaby - Gold
You're My April
Morning Dew Series - Long Drop
Midnight Kiss
Artemis Earrings
Antique Peach Chandelier
Morning Dew Series - Petit
The Ancient White Planet
Grape Candy & Strawberry Candy
Violet Candy Pop
Violet Rose
Pink Unicorn
Parisienne - Pink

아이멜비 aimelbie

유니크 악세사리 쇼핑몰, 최고 유니크한 귀걸이, 귀찌, 목걸이 등 판매 ♥ 아이멜비